How to make babies comfortable while sleeping

Usually, a baby will wear more clothes than an adult. If an adult is wearing one sweater, the baby will wear two.

A single room that has an air conditioner or heater varies in temperature, depending on where the thermostat is centered, so we cannot rely on the temperature displayed. It may be that an environment is much hotter if it is being heated by the heater, or much colder than other environment if the air conditioner is on.
There are two ways for a parent to know how to make sure the temperature of a baby’s room is ideal:
1) She can spend a night in the baby’s room
2) She can use a device that shows the room temperature



Pajamas– These should be comfortable and based on the temperature. If the room cools during the night – let’s say below 72 degrees – the parent should wrap the baby. Never use blankets or any kind of cover; use the sleeping bag or appropriate pajamas and if necessary, wear socks.
The ideal temperature for the baby to sleep really varies. Some pediatricians recommend about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I prefer to be around 73 or 74 degrees Fahrenheit when using an air conditioner and 71 or 72 degrees Fahrenheit when using the heater.
The most appropriate temperature is the parent’s common sense. Always keep in mind that adults use blankets to cover themselves, but babies don’t. So they should wear pajamas that make them comfortable in order to not feel cold or hot.


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